Do Not Forget The Lubes

There are several things to know about lubrication that are crucial to a healthy sex life.

First off, let's take a closer look at the different kinds of lubricants that are available to you.

Oil and Petroleum based lubes

These Lubes are wide spread, and are NOT recommended for use with most sex toys (as a general rule, we do not encourage the use of oil or petroleum based lubes at all). One of the most popular brand of these lubricants is Vaseline. We do not recommend the use of these lubes for two main reasons : They will harm sex toys made of Latex and even jelly (most dildos are made of either one) and they will deteriorate and break down latex condoms (NEVER use petroleum lubes with condoms !). Petroleum lubes might also cause vaginal infection in some cases. They ARE the best type of lube for male masturbation as they do give a very smooth lubrication.

Water based Lubes

These Lubes are the most recommended kind of lubrication for both sex toy and condom lubrication. Water based lubricants (i.e: O'My,slippery kitty, encounter, etc ...) are easy to clean and they will not stain sheets (as will petroleum based lubes). These lubes are friendly to every sex toy and they are so easy to clean ... The only disadvantage to water based lubricants is that they dissolve in water. If you want to use your toys under the shower or in the tub, we recommend a silicone based lubricant.

Silicone based Lubricants

Silicone based lubricants are fairly new to the market. They resemble water lubes in almost every aspect, except that they are more resistant to water and they must NOT be used with silicone based toys (some of are dildos are made of silicone). This type of lubricant will wash off easily with warm water and a soft hand soap.

There is also much to be said regarding personal lubrication. With vaginal insertion of either toy or partner, the woman must be well lubricated to prevent injury and discomfort.

If she is not well lubricated, the experience will not be good for her or her partner. We recommend a good water based lube. These types of lubes are very easy to clean and will not stain sheets. They are also toy and condom friendly. It is up to the women to decide on how much lube she needs.

Some will prefer a very wet experience while others might prefer something a little stickier. With Anal penetration, lubrication is crucial. You must ALWAYS use a good amount of lubricant, because the rectum will not lube itself as the vagina. Also the rectum walls are not as solid as the vaginal walls, so you might injure yourself if not properly lubricated. 

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